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2013 Artist Portfolio


This 56 page artist book features works by all 22 Project Dispatch Artists, made specifically for our trading card campaign in 2013! It is in full color, with a glossy cover and includes a forward by essayist, Randon Billings Noble!

Artists represented in this volume include Frank Adams, Deborah Anzinger, Eleanor Barba, Christopher Chen, Sheena Custer, Rachel England, Duncan Ford, Jessica Ford, Elizabeth Graeber, Amy Hughes Braden, Becca Kallem, Chandi Kelley, Stephanie Kwak, P. Corwin Lamm, Allison Long Hardy, Dana Maier, Molly McAuley, Megan Mueller, Kendall Nordin, Jerome Skiscim, Christopher St. John, Dasha Tolstikova, and Kristoffer Tripplaar. The artists hail from all over the country (and beyond), including Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, Brooklyn, NY, Portland, OR, Skagway, AK, and Kingston, Jamaica!